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Axiomatic is the source for a full range of rugged, high performance control and power conversion products. From off-the-shelf automation and power electronic components to application-specific machine controls, Axiomatic solutions offer innovation and reliability for machine designers all over the world. Axiomatic's broad range of standard control products can be optimized for customer applications.

Our customer service team will be happy to quote an off-the-shelf product as well as provide timely after sales support. Contact our engineers for a competitive OEM design and application engineering support.  The Axiomatic design and manufacturing facility in Canada is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

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What is CAN?
What is SAE J1939?
What is CiA CANopen®?
What can Axiomatic products offer me?

Analog I/O,
Distributed Controls

Fan Drive Controls
Level Sensors
Battery Chargers
Hydraulic Valve Drivers,
Electronic Controllers

Models with Simulink®
Signal Converters,
Signal Conditioners
CAN bus Controls,
LVDT/RVDT Simulator
DC/DC Converters,
Power Supplies
Machine Controls,
Control Systems
Surge Protectors,
Operator Interfaces
Motor Drives,
Motor Controllers
Engine Management Controls,
Temperature Monitoring
All Protocol Converters

Models with Simulink®
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